My name is Geoffrey Kruse-Safford.  I’m middle aged, married to a United Methodist pastor and the father of two girls.  My interests are varied, which I hope you’ll find out by sticking around long enough.


3 responses to “About”

  1. Marcelito de Guzman says :

    I love the wallpaper you have on your post last May. https://noihasseen.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/the_monster_inside_of_me_by_thekimmeh-d6jjeex.jpg

    Do you think you can polish it and let me use it as my wallpaper? 1366×768? 😀

  2. gksafford says :

    I c&p’d it from a website called deviantart.com Check ’em out

  3. Randy Huff says :

    I enjoyed browsing your piece on Bloom’s critique of Rock. I have a different take and have tried to be open-minded. Have tried to use the essay to help students think about music and understand its power. That seems valuable and neglected, though I am sure there are better ways to ‘go there’. Because I have the ‘old saw’ view that Rock has been, on the whole, bad for our culture, I naturally find appreciation for Bloom’s critique. Just passing comments — I like your blog title btw. In other news, which state in midwest? I grew up in Kansas.

Howdy! Thanks for reading. Really. Be nice and remember - I'm like Roz from Monster's Inc. I'm always watching.

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