Leave The Wives Alone

So ahead of this past Tuesday’s Utah primary, allies of the Cruz campaign sent to potential voters the following meme:


So subtle, am I right?

Trump, of course, decided to threaten to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz – whatever that means – and soon posted the following to his Twitter feed:


There’s a temptation here to point out that Ted Cruz started this whole thing with his despicable slut-shaming of Melania Trump. And Donald Trump isn’t a bear you want to poke, because you know he’s going to go after you with neither scruples nor remorse. While there may not be “beans” to spill about Heidi Cruz – certainly nothing personally unflattering – but posting an unflattering photo or screen-capture is pretty harsh. Reports I’ve read indicate that Mrs. Cruz suffers from depression; having a husband running for President, and all the emotional energy that takes due to constant insults and intense public scrutiny, can take a toll. Just ask Kitty Dukakis. Being attacked on social media for nothing more than having had an unflattering photograph certainly can’t help matters.

This kind of thing extends beyond our adolescent candidates, however. Social media is jam-packed with people either slut-shaming Mrs. Trump for the crime of being a model, or insulting Mrs. Cruz’s looks in one particular photograph. The Republican primary, already lowered to the grade-school playground level in many respects, has at least graduated to high school, where women are judged and found wanting due to stupid pseudo-moral scolding or their appearance.

Leave the spouses alone. They aren’t running for public office. Who they are, what they do with their lives, their appearance; these things are irrelevant. While I’m sure both Trump and Cruz will enjoy having a go at one another over this, that doesn’t mean we have to do so as well.


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I'm a middle-aged theologically educated clergy spouse, living in the Midwest. My children are the most important thing in my life. Right behind them and my wife is music. I'm most interested in teaching people to listen to contemporary music with ears of faith. Everything else you read on here is straw.

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