A World Communion Sunday Reverie

God raised Jesus from the dead to the end that we should be clear – once and for all – that there is nothing more important than being human. Our lives have eternal significance. And no one – absolutely no one – is expendable.

Some human beings are fortunate enough to be able to color eggs on Easter. If you have a pair of hands to hold the eggs, or if you are fortunate enough to be able to see the brilliant colors, then you are twice blessed.

This Easter some of us cannot hold the eggs, others of us cannot see the colors, many of us are unable to move at all – and so it will be necessary to color eggs in our hearts.

This Easter there is a hydrocephalic child lying very still in a hospital bed nearby with a head the sie of his pillow and vacant, unmoving eyes, and he will not be able to color Easter eggs, and he will not be able to color Easter eggs in his heart, and so God will have to color eggs for him.

And God will color eggs for him. You can bet your life and the life of the created universe on that.

At the cross of Calvary God reconsecrated and sanctified wood and nails and absurdity and helplessness to be continuing vehicles of [Divine] love. And then [the Father] simply raised Jesus from the dead. And they both went home and colored eggs. – Martin Bell, “Wood And Nails And Colored Eggs”, in The Way of the Wolf, pp. 81-82


Communion Elements

Bread and wine. How more simple could it get?

God has used prostitutes. God has used shepherds. God has used priests and wild people in the wilderness. God has used lawyers and slaves and murderous zealots. God has used the slightly insane and the erudite and gifted. God uses singers and composers, authors and painters. God uses lightning and images of the devil and logic and protest. God uses marriage and divorce, birth and death, war and the embrace of enemies.

God uses a carpenter. That carpenter was sitting at a table with his friends. They wanted to know what was coming; would their dreams come true? That carpenter took stuff folks eat and drink, bread and wine, and told them that when they shared these around the table together, this bread and wine would be the Body and Blood that would bring them all together in ways far deeper than any prophet’s fevered dream of political freedom  could imagine; they would be One just as he and his Father were One.

Bread and wine. Whores and priests. Wood and nail and colored eggs. God uses whatever tools are at hand. As we all gather at God’s table this morning, we should give thanks for all the strange and wonderful people and things and events that God has used to continue the work of convincing us that it’s as simple as Love and as clear as swallowing a bit of wine and bread. You don’t believe me? Ask the elderly man, her face drawn, unable even to know there is a world outside herself; God is there, offering bread and wine at a table with just the two of them.


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