A Logistical Note

As of today, I am allowing comments. When I began this site, it was in no small part due to my previous site being overrun by two commenters in particular who . . . well, they were assholes, arguing for the sake of arguing. Emotionally exhausted by mental illness, the last thing I needed was more of the same, particularly while I was trying to do something very, very different.

It’s been well over a year, and while I’m sure they’re still out there – actually, I know they are – WordPress has a marvelous tool: One can ban particular commenters. As of right now, there are only two upon whom my benevolent banhammer of love shall fall. The only criteria that will bring a ban are: spam; personal attacks; excessive foul language. Disagreement is not and will not be a basis for being banned from commenting. If you are belligerent about it, or become a jerk about it – then, yeah, upon your head shall my benevolent banhammer of love fall. Otherwise, you can comment on posts up to a week old. After than, comments are closed.

I know I have readers. I have subscribers, after all, and I hope some at least are still reading. I have had a few complaints about my no commenting policy, but for the most part, I think what really gets me is the lack of feedback. It’s one thing to toss these missives in to the great digital ether; it’s another, however, never to know where or how they might land – on rocky soil, amongst weeds, or perhaps on thick loam where they can sink deep roots and grow strong.

So have fun, play by my rules, and don’t take me, or yourselves, too seriously. It is the topics that matter. These are of utmost importance.


About gksafford

I'm a middle-aged theologically educated clergy spouse, living in the Midwest. My children are the most important thing in my life. Right behind them and my wife is music. I'm most interested in teaching people to listen to contemporary music with ears of faith. Everything else you read on here is straw.

Howdy! Thanks for reading. Really. Be nice and remember - I'm like Roz from Monster's Inc. I'm always watching.

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