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With thanks to Bob Cesca at The Daily BanterI would like to know why for some people it is perfectly appropriate for a police officer to shoot an unarmed man running away from him, even if the young man is a possible suspect?  Remember now, he isn’t guilty of anything, he’s might be a suspect, although the officer doing the shooting admits he was unaware the person he shot was a possible suspect in a robbery.

Are these same people as angry that Bureau of Land Management officials, including officers, had weapons pointed at them as they went to enforce a court order either to receive payment of confiscate the cattle of an individual convicted of having repeatedly violated federal law by refusing to pay grazing fees?

Some of the same people who cheer on the cops in Ferguson, MO cheer on the folks at the Bundy Ranch for threatening to kill federal law enforcement officers.

It wouldn’t have anything to do with race, would it?  Because nothing is ever about race unless liberals mention it, which makes us the real racists.


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