Just Like Starting Over


So.  This is the new place.  This marks the third time I’ve started this whole writing thing.  I’ve taken the jump to WordPress because I’m tired of Blogger.  I wanted a real new beginning.  Going back and trying to jump-start what I had just seemed like too much heavy lifting.  So, start fresh with a new site, a new name, some new rules, some new opportunities, and maybe – just maybe – the whole experience will not just feel better, but be better.  In all honesty, the last months back here seemed like drudgery.  I got tired of the nonsense.  I just . . . got tired.

In order to keep the nonsense, drudgery, and exhaustion to a minimum, I’m instituting some new rules.  For one thing, there won’t be any comments.  Commenting has become toxic, and toxicity should be at a minimum.  You don’t like what I’ve written?  Why, it’s as easy as starting your own site to take me to task.  Just don’t expect me to care all that much if you do.

I’m going to try to keep this place a bit more interesting to look at.  I know I neglected that a bit too much before, both from naiveté and a bit too much focus on words.  Of course, I know the value of images.  I just spent too much energy on what I was going to say, I neglected the possibilities of showing it, too.

It’s a new place, a new start, but I’m still me, with all my preferences, bug-a-boos, hang-ups, quirks, foibles, and interests.  The content might not seem that different than before, but there’s a good reason for that: The same person is doing the presentation.  If what I do isn’t your thing, the exit button is a click away, and don’t think my feelings will be hurt.  I only want folks here who want to be here.

So, here we go.  It might seem like a familiar path.  Lots of things seem the same.  My hope and prayer, however,  is the path takes us all somewhere we’ve never been.path-through-forest


About gksafford

I'm a middle-aged theologically educated clergy spouse, living in the Midwest. My children are the most important thing in my life. Right behind them and my wife is music. I'm most interested in teaching people to listen to contemporary music with ears of faith. Everything else you read on here is straw.

Howdy! Thanks for reading. Really. Be nice and remember - I'm like Roz from Monster's Inc. I'm always watching.

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